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    US Small Busi▓ness Administration, said direct exports ensure "l▓ong-term growth and success".Export▓ers have their say over the entire marketing mix inc▓luding payment terms, product modification, local support, distribution, and finance options, Gomez was q▓uote

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    d as saying by the Western Union B▓usiness Solutions Learning Center.To establish themselves as direct exporters, compa▓nies must determine which countries they want to enter, assess whether their products will sell in those▓ new markets, and adapt their products a

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    nd packaging to accommodate local customers' needs, according to Go▓mez.Last year, China saw sales of 1.11 million heavy trucks, up 52 percent, and a record sinc▓e 2010, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.This year so far, oversea▓s ma

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